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Utilities Management

Utilities Management

Current challenges require companies to consider every possible cost optimisation. Considering that many companies target to achieve “net zero” in their environmental impact means this is not only matter of cost management but also reflects on companies’ profile for sustainability.

The recent analysis of energy costs after the outbreak of Covid-19 indicated that utilities consumption complacency had not resulted in proportionate reduction of energy consumption despite most of the buildings being on a lock down. One of the main reasons for that is the baseline for unoccupied buildings during non-working hours was not subject to enough scrutiny.

As part of what we do as a third-party intermediary is to establish a baseline and monitor your consumption on a regular basis. We will analyse your bills and will make sure you are not getting penalised through terms of agreement or high pricing structure. Your carbon obligations and environmental targets are considered at the same time through an integrated approach as well as other measures and support for right behavioral attitude.

Considering the high level of awareness and public support for meeting challenges of climate change, companies pay high attention to environmental management. We allow companies to get hands on and adopt a proactive approach in utilities management without taking their attention from their companies’ core activities.

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