Sea Freight Clearance

As a leading UK Customs Clearance Agent, we are providing import and export clearance services in all major UK Seaports.

Most of the goods arriving to UK Seaports (except for RoRo) are held in temporary storage, same as airline arrivals and departures. However, unlike airline arrivals, they need to be identified by UK Customs Clearance Agent first to match your goods and information entered in the manifest.  Your agent needs to receive information about the incoming consignment to identify and clear your goods in time on your behalf.

We can provide you access to most busy seaport hubs in UK in order to facilitate seamless movement of your container arrivals and departures.


Security and other fees can be levied on containerised goods arriving through seaports by port authorities or government agencies. Please check websites of relevant ports or community service providers or ask us for further details. If we will pay any tax or duty on our client’s behalf, we will charge a disbursement fee on the amount of tax being paid. This charge will not apply in case where our client holds a deferment account. Please apply to Deferment Account to reduce your cost if you have not done this yet.

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