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Road Freight Clearance

Road Freight Clearance

We are providing import and export clearance services in all major UK points of arrival and border crossings.

Under the new Border Operating Model, customs declarations for goods travelling through RoRo locations must be pre-lodged in advance of their arrival. Entry in declarant’s record without authorisation is only allowed until the end of 2021. From January 2022, all goods must be either pre-lodged for RoRo traffic or travel via inventory linked locations where they fall under customs control and are kept in temporary storage until they have been cleared.

We can manage your declarations and provide speedy clearance services to meet the highest demand for speed and accuracy. A timing slot for your clearance is established at the outset and even when the border is close to the shipping location, we meet the most stringent requirements for speed and quality.

Our consultants will identify your products, taxes and duties associated with them in advance of their arrival and will inform you if goods are requiring any additional documents and certificates. This ensures that there are no delays and that goods are getting cleared quickly, avoiding any potential setbacks.

There are new requirements for Animal and Phyto Health Certificates from the EU from July 2022 and there will be charges for inspections and checks for products of animal origin. We are not charging any fees on top of charges incurred by these agencies, but inspection fees of these agencies must be compensated by the client in full. If we pay any tax or duty on our client’s behalf, we will charge a disbursement fee on the amount of tax paid by us on your behalf.

We are a leading provider of clearance under CFSP and EIDR. As a HMRC authorised business, we can set you up for CFSP road clearance, subject to you meeting official eligibility requirements.

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