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Customs Compliance


Customs Compliance

Brexit and new challenges of global trade require every business to consider implications of new trade arrangements. Covid-19 demonstrated the vulnerabilities of supply chains to events out of our control. The potential disruption of climate events adds further to the complexity for planning and maintaining of uninterrupted supply chain.

Keeping pace with changing regulations and applying correct entitlements or duties require a great deal of specialist knowledge. Post Brexit settlement will bring requirements for customs formalities, adding 200 million customs declarations per year from the EU. It will also create new requirements for reporting security and risks as well as other obligations. One of them is conformity of European products for UK regulations concerning packaging. Contingency plans for delays with delivery of goods due to overwhelmed capacities also need to be taken into considerations.

There are many various options for companies to structure their operations for trade with less frictions and to mitigate risks early to avoid potential interruptions. We are helping to facilitate these preparations and provide customs clearance services to companies in the UK and European Union.

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