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Customs Clearance

We seamlessly complete import and export declarations and provide customs clearance services for your import/export needs. As a leading consultancy and customs broker, we make sure that our service is simple and understandable for our clients.

We solve all the complexities in the background and send you the essentials. We will work with you to make the best choices for minimising the administrative burden whilst facilitating the top level of compliance which does not require substantial upfront investment from our clients.

During the initial creation of the master file of product, we establish a service baseline and facilitate an environment for a clear and unambiguous flow of information between us and the client – eliminating ground for potential mistakes or misjudgements. Work gets evaluated and monitored on a regular basis and we provide one of the highest levels of service based on KPIs.

Access to our workflow provides our clients with a clear level of transparency and control, updating our clients on procedures and customs clearance status in real time. We can complete import and export entries at all UK trade gateways. With our inventory linked connections to major UK ports such as Grangemouth, Southampton, Felixstowe, London Gateway, Portsmouth, Dover, Manchester, Leeds, Chatham and Tilbury we can pre-lodge declarations on your behalf.

When the goods arrive in the UK they will move from a ‘pending arrival’ to either ‘route 6’ – which means they have been cleared – or will require additional documentation or checks. We will then communicate with customs providing all the required information to get the goods cleared as soon as practicably possible. If you do not have a deferment account, we, as a Direct Trader Input (DTI) linked agent, can deal with payments of taxes and duties on your behalf.

We have robust internal procedures and a triple level enterprise grade of security for storage and retention of data.

Air Freight Clearance

We are providing import and export clearance services in all major UK airports with most of the traffic in London Heathrow and London

Road Freight Clearance

We are providing import and export clearance services in all major UK points of arrival and border crossings. We are a leading provider of clearance under CFSP and EIDR.

Sea Freight Clearance

The modern business environment offers us multiple opportunities in embracing technological innovation, taking advantage of newly tested and successful products.


Why Use Our Service

1. “Competitively Priced”

Our fees are one of the most competitive and we have very high levels of customer satisfaction.

2. “Transparent”

Our robust data retention policy and privacy standards give our clients full visibility in real time of the export/import process.

3. “Quality”

We conduct monthly completed document reviews, quality standard reviews and KPIs, ambiguity of instruction reviews and compliance law updates to name a few.

3. “Simple to use”

We make customs compliance and customs clearance simple for our clients. We are not saying that trade compliance and customs compliance is simple – but we are saying we make it simple for our clients by doing all the complex work in the background.

Competitively Priced
Quality Work
Simple to use

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